Tips on Slimming Down a Podgy Pooch

If your canine friend has put on a little bit of weight, it’s vital for you try and get them back to their trim self to allow for a long and healthy existence. Just a few extra pounds can lead to diabetes, joint and bone damage, as well as difficulty breathing, which makes for a very unhappy pup!

Make sure to consult with your vet beforehand if you’re making a drastic change to your dog’s diet. Once you’ve sought some professional advice, follow these simple tips as a guideline if they’ve reached a plateau in their weight loss journey. [Read more…]

Keeping Your Dog Calm on Bonfire Night

Remember, remember, the 5th of November – and, most likely, about a week either side of it, as many people no longer confine their fireworks displays to Bonfire Night itself any more.

For pet owners across the country, this is possibly the most trying time of the year – the constant bombardment of booms, bangs and crackles can make even the most confident dog anxious. As specialists in puppy training in Wimbledon, we know how difficult it can get, particularly with a young dog who hasn’t encountered fireworks before, so here are some tips to help. [Read more…]

Autumn Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy

We love dogs. OK, that’s an understatement… but we are passionate about conducting our dog training in Surrey. However, with the days getting shorter and nights setting in sooner, there are certain aspects that we all need to bear in mind when looking after our furry friends, particularly as they like to get themselves in to all sorts of mischief.

[Read more…]