Top Tips for Welcoming a New Puppy

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time. However, amid all the anticipation, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for your new arrival. Here’s some handy hints and tips for welcoming a new puppy into your home.


When introducing a new puppy into your new home there are a number of essential items and supplies you are going to need including:

  • A lead and collar
  • High quality puppy food
  • Food and water bowls
  • Bedding
  • Toys

Puppy-proof your home

Puppies are naturally playful and curious, hence it is essential you puppy proof your home to prevent them from running into any potential hazards. For example, make sure any potentially poisonous items, such as household cleaning products or certain plant varieties, are out of their reach or locked away safely. Interestingly, baby gates are handy tools for preventing your new puppy from entering areas they shouldn’t. It can also be useful to designate a specific puppy zone in your home, such as in your kitchen, to create a space where they can relax and help them to settle into their new surroundings.

House training

As soon as you bring your new puppy home it’s important to start house training them as early as possible. Make sure you take them out to the toilet regularly, including first thing in the morning, and give them plenty of praise when they go.

Health check

It’s vital that you register with a vet when getting a new puppy and take them for a health check-up as soon as possible. Your vet should also be able to advise you on health care essentials such as vaccinations.

Remember it’s never too early to start some basic training with your new puppy. If you’re looking for puppy classes in Surrey then here at CK9 training we offer great puppy training classes, so you can ensure you and your new puppy get off to the best start. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you with your enquiries.

Amazing Canines

We all know dogs are amazing animals, and owning a dog can be a truly life changing experience. Here we take a quick look at some of the amazing ways dogs can help transform people’s lives, demonstrating how our canine companions really are a man’s best friend.

Guide dogs

For decades specially trained guide dogs have been assisting and helping to improve the lives of people who are blind or partially sighted. Guide dogs undergo extensive training, and once qualified are able to assist their new owners with a variety of tasks including helping them to avoid obstacles and navigate crossroads as well as providing them with companionship. Great care is taken by charities such as Guide Dogs to match guide dogs with their owners to ensure they form a great and lasting partnership.



Therapy dogs

Dogs can also help to transform the lives of people with disabilities, and charities such as Dogs For The Disabled work hard to form life changing partnerships between dogs and people with disabilities. For example there is much evidence, both anecdotal and research based, that dogs can help improve the quality of life for children with autism, for example by helping to relieve stress. Dogs are also used on therapeutic visits to places such as hospitals and care homes to provide comfort and companionship to a number of individuals and help put a smile back on peoples’ faces.


Search and rescue

Dogs are also routinely used in search and rescue operations, for example to help find missing and injured persons in a variety of different terrains. Dogs are perfect for such a role due to a combination of their extraordinary sense of smell and ability to cover larges area of ground. Many of these dogs are trained to air scent for missing persons and alert their handlers once they are found, for example by barking, and finally will also take their handlers to the location of the missing person. In this capacity dogs have helped and indeed saved the lives of many people. Search dogs such as those working for the National Search and Rescue Dog association undergo intensive training in order to become a qualified search dog, and the whole process can take up to 3 years.



These are just a few examples of the many ways dogs can help and have an impact on our lives, demonstrating the true potential of our amazing canine friends. If you’re looking for a dog behaviourist in Surrey then here at CK9 training we are dog behavioural experts and can help you and your dog form an amazing partnership of your own. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.

Dogs: More Intelligent Than You Might Think

Dogs are amazing pets for numerous reasons, from their loving nature to their never-ending loyalty. Here we take a look at some surprising facts about canine intelligence that might just make you see your dog in a whole new light.


According to an article in the Telegraph, animal behaviour researchers have found that not only are dogs able to perform simple calculations they are also able to understand up to 250 words and gestures. Indeed dogs display a pretty amazing degree of language ability and so far are the only animal species that have been found to learn words in a similar way to human children. Amazingly not only are dogs able to recognise a large number of words and objects, according to a recent article some dogs have even been found to be able to fetch the correct object when only shown a picture of it.

They can deceive

Whilst we would all like to believe our dogs always have the best of intentions, there is also some evidence to suggest that dogs are in fact capable of intentionally deceiving us as well as other dogs in order to obtain rewards. Not only that, but the researchers found they were almost as good at successfully deceiving as the human participants in the study.

They can feel jealousy

For most dog owners this is probably no surprise and dogs often express what could be interpreted as jealous behaviours. Yet for many years scientists claimed that jealousy was a complex cognitive behaviour unique to humans. However according to the BBC researchers have now demonstrated that like humans, dogs can in fact express jealousy. The study found that dogs exhibited more jealous behaviours when their owner showed affection to what appeared to be another dog (actually a stuffed toy) than when their owners paid attention to other objects such as a book. One of the study’s lead researchers stated that “Our study suggests not only that dogs do engage in what appear to be jealous behaviours but also that they were seeking to break up the connection between the owner and a seeming rival”.

They recognise our emotions

Many dog owners often comment that their dog can pick up on their emotions and new research has confirmed that this may indeed be the case. Researchers used brain imaging technology to compare brain function in both dogs and humans. Surprisingly the study found that the dogs brains reacted in the same way as humans did to sounds such as laughing and crying. Furthermore studies have also revealed that dogs are able to read human facial expressions and can tell if we are happy or sad from a mere glace, showing that dogs really are a man’s best friend.


Dogs are truly amazing animals and these are just a few examples of how intelligent our canine friends really are. If you’re looking for a dog behaviourist in Surrey then here at CK9 training we are experts in canine behaviour and dog training and can help your dog reach their potential. If you have any questions, or for more information about our range of services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Movie Star Mutts: Our Favourite Famous Canine Film Stars

We’ve all heard the old saying, never work with children and animals. But here at CK9 Training we disagree. A well-trained dog can make the perfect actor, bounding around on the big-screen and creeping into our hearts. Here’s a list of some of our favourite canine film stars.


Beethoven – Beethoven

The eponymous star of the Beethoven movie series was a big deal back in the day. This cheeky St. Bernard snuck into the home of Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt and become part of the family in the John Hughes-penned movie. The film also featured David Duchovny and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in his film debut. But we think the only star of Beethoven was Beethoven.


Marley – Marley & Me

Sure, he may be a little terror, but this Labrador retriever has a pure heart of gold. The film, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, is based on an autobiography written by John Grogan titled Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog. Marley is energetic, constantly wants feeding, and destroys their property, but he’s so good-natured that they – and we – just can’t help falling in love with him anyway. And the real-life counterpart even made a cameo in baseball flick The Last Home Run.



Toto – The Wizard of Oz

Toto was one of the first movie dogs to really capture our hearts. He was the loyal cairn terrier who gladly got swept up in the tornado that spirited Judy Garland’s Dorothy to the magical land of Oz. The dog who played Toto, a bitch named Terry, was a major film star back in the day, appearing in an incredible 15 movies. Proving talent can be genetic, even her pup followed her into movie-making.



Einstein – Back to the Future

If asked to name a character from 80’s time-travelling hit Back to the Future, most people would say Marty McFly or Biff Tannen. But we’re of the opinion that Einstein, Doc Brown’s gorgeous Catalan sheepdog, steals the show. Not only does this trusting chap seem perfectly happy to be used in Doc’s DeLorean-based experiments, he was also the world’s first time-traveller. We think that’s pretty cool.



Lassie – Lassie Come Home

It wouldn’t be a movie list without the Queen of Collies herself, Lassie. When people think film dogs, what they’re really thinking of is Lassie dramatically saving lives and looking utterly glamorous. After her debut in 1943’s Lassie Come Home, collie registrations shot up by 40%. The original Lassie was played by a Rough Collie by the name of Pal, who after his six movie stint, let his pups take over the role in a further six films and multiple TV appearances. The latest film was released in 2006, proving we’re still very much in love with Lassie. And long may she reign.



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