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Social Puppy Walks Surrey

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £12 for new clients, £7 for existing clients
Date(s): Sunday15th October 10am
Suitable for: Puppies that have been fully vaccinated under the age of six months. No previous training is required.

Our Social Puppy Walks in Surrey are extremely popular as puppies and owners all have a great time!  They involve a social walk around Nonsuch Park, Surrey and are a great opportunity to introduce and socialise your puppy to a wide variety of stimuli.

Puppies need to have plenty of positive encounters with many dogs and strangers during their important socialisation period, in order to become well-balanced, confident adult dogs.  As well as meeting and playing with other puppies on the walk, they will encounter all the sights and sounds of an outside environment including meeting strangers and how to prevent jumping up at them, how to interact with older dogs, and ignoring joggers and cyclists.  Correct socialisation techniques, prevention of chasing problems and general park etiquette are also covered.

We will also help you to gain the confidence to allow your puppy off the lead if you have not already done so.

Two experienced dog trainers supervise these walks so there is always someone on hand to chat to if you have any other queries about your puppy.

We can guarantee you will have a very contented, sleepy puppy after attending one of these walks!

Contact us for more information, to find the next course start dates or to book a place!

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