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Puppy Trainer Surrey, Epsom & Ewell

Duration: Seven weeks Length: 50 mins
Cost: £80
Date(s):  Tuesday 17 October 7.30pm, Saturday 4 November 12pm, Tuesday 7 November 6.30pm, Tuesday 5 December 7.30pm, Wednesday mornings at 10.00am
Suitable for: Fully vaccinated puppies under the age of 5 months

Our puppy trainer in Epsom will cover basic commands for your pets during classes.  The class is spent with the puppies both on and off the lead, giving them plenty of time to socialise and learn bite inhibition. We make sure you will learn the necessary ideas on how to train your puppy without keeping them on-lead even if there are distractions.

Our puppy trainer in Ewell will educate you on the best way to handle all sorts of puppy problems such as play biting, chewing, stealing, and jumping up. Our classes focus on understanding how dogs learn so you can teach them polite behaviour and invaluable social skills. We will also help you understand the importance of mental stimulation, and go through the best way to toilet train your puppy.

Some of the training will also take place outdoors (daylight permitting for the evening classes).  This way, there will be a chance to practice your pet’s skills in real-life situations.

To give you a basic idea of what our puppy training classes entail, here are the skills and values we teach:

  • Socialisation with other dogs and people
  • Bite Inhibition (teaching your dog to have a soft mouth)
  • Settle
  • Sit/Down/Stand
  • Stay
  • Leave it/Drop it
  • Watch me
  • Walking on a loose lead without pulling
  • Asking your dog to come back to you away from other distractions
  • Stopping your puppy from jumping up at you and other people
  • How to correctly handle and examine your dog
  • Ideas to mentally stimulate your puppy and keep their busy minds occupied

Our puppy trainer in Surrey holds training classes in Ewell on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, and in Banstead, on Wednesday mornings.

For exact details on our classes, please go to our Class Locations.

For more information on the classes held by our puppy trainer, and to know the dates of the next course or to make reservations please contact us.