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Puppy Fun and Games Workshop Surrey, Kent & South London

Length: 2 hours
Cost: £25
Suitable for: Dogs under the age of 12 months or older for smaller breeds.  This workshop is not suitable for dogs with aggression issues towards dogs or people.

As well as physical exercise, dogs all need a good quality of life to prevent any behavioural problems arising from boredom and lack of stimulation.  You have to also be careful with the amount of physical exercise your puppy is getting whilst they are still growing, in particularly for the larger breeds, as you do not want to  cause any long-lasting damage to their joints.

Exercising your dog’s brain is an essential part of providing your dog with a mental workout and can help to boost their self-confidence as well as strengthen the bond that you and your family have with your four-legged friend. Our puppy fun and games workshop in Surrey, Kent & South London will teach a dog new tricks or teach him to use his nose are also more tiring than physical exercise, and by doing these regularly can help keep your puppy calm, happy and stress-free.

This 90-minute workshop will teach you some fun game, tricks and activities that you can enjoy with your puppy that will help to challenge him mentally.  All activities are suitable for young puppies and can be done at home as well as out on a walk.


  • Fun Tricks
  • Search Games
  • Puppy Agility
  • Activity Toys and Boredom Busters
  • Retrieval Games

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