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Puppy Farm Walks Surrey, Kent & South London

Puppy Farm Walks:  45 minutes – £10 for existing client, £15 for new clients – 4 puppies maximum per walk

Puppies must be under age of 6 months to attend.

Although socialization is very important in puppies, there are also some things, which we want to teach our dogs to ignore, not chase and to be calm around.

Teaching dogs to be calm around livestock is very important.  You may often see horses on your daily dog walks, or if you take your dogs on holiday in the UK with you, you may also see a lot of sheep!

To prevent any chasing problems from occurring as adult dogs, it is more beneficial if you do the training whilst your puppy is still young so that bad habits are not formed.  This farm walk will take you and your puppies around to see horses and a flock of sheep.  We will show you correct techniques of how to prevent chasing behaviours, and get your puppy used to being around different animals but without wanting to befriend them or chase them off!

For further information on our puppy farm walks in Surrey, Kent & South London or to book a place, please contact us.