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Puppy Training Classes in Surrey, Wimbledon, Epsom & Sutton

When it comes to teaching dogs on how to behave around people and other pets, CK9 Training can help. Highly experienced in training pets, our company offers puppy training classes in Surrey to teach pets how to behave and obey commands properly. We will be there to provide advice, regardless of the age or breed of your dog.

Teaching the Basics

Our puppy training in Wimbledon will guide you through the basics of pet care and training, from socialisation to bite inhibition. Our team can teach you how to understand animal behaviour to help improve your relationship with your pet. We can also provide instruction to basic obedience, including behavioural counselling designed to meet the needs of your pet.

Providing a Friendly Environment for Pets

CK9 Training adheres to a friendly yet professional approach when it comes to teaching pets. We don’t just simply teach pets how to behave properly—we make an effort to provide a fun environment for your little pup. You and your kids can even attend our classes to experience our puppy training in Epsom personally.

Puppy Training Classes in Surrey and Surrounding Areas

Training your pet may not exactly be like a walk in the park, but CK9 Training will be there to help make things easier. If you have any questions about our puppy training in Sutton, contact us today on 07739 815 265.