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How Dog Training Can Help You Bond with Your Dog

Training your dog is about more than just teaching them to behave; positive dog training infinitely improves the relationship between dog and owner, strengthening your connection and ensuring a bond for life. So how does compassionate dog training help to improve the bond between a dog and its owner?

Teenage child with border collie

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3 Things You Should Introduce To Your New Puppy

A new puppy is a perfect bundle of joy and it would be natural to feel the need to protect them from anything big or loud. However, introducing puppies to new situations, scenarios and settings at a young age will actually reduce their chances of feeling fear and aggression as they grow older. For an emotionally happy dog we recommend you introduce your new puppy to these three things.

Happy Puppy

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Should You Train An Adult Dog?

Training your pet from a young age can be a great idea, but for many reasons, this isn’t always viable. If you rescue an older dog, for example, you may want to commit to training your new companion. Even if your dog has been with you since he or she was a puppy, embarking on training can still be a good idea.

Whilst your dog may have some knowledge of basic commands, they may need an extra incentive. Often, dogs stop listening when they become adolescents, so you’ll want to learn how to control and motivate your pet without resorting to negative techniques.

Stop dog

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3 Benefits of Puppy Classes for Your New Puppy

Puppies are cute, cuddly and sometimes chaotic. Enrolling your puppy in dog training classes isn’t only good for exercising a little control – there’s a whole host of benefits that puppy classes could bring to your bundle of fur!

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Why Training for a Rescue Dog is Essential

A large number of dogs come from rescue homes or shelters these days. While it is great to see so many hounds given a second chance at life, and while they may make excellent pets, each one comes with a degree of uncertainty about its history. Be it a puppy or an adult, even if you think they might have had previous training, without evidence it is strongly recommended that your dog goes through some early training. This can help build a better bond, and to discover if there are any triggers that may make your new rescue behave in an unpredictable way.

 Family Dog Walk

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Three Reasons to Consider Enrolling Your Pet for Professional Training

Untrained pets, especially dogs, are susceptible to unsociable behaviour such as barking, biting or scratching. Some of the most overlooked red flags for when your pet needs professional training are aggression, biting and failing to respond to you when you call them. This goes to show that your pet could do with some obedience training. While you can personally train your pets to obey you, chances are you won’t manage to achieve the results that a training school will achieve in the same time frame.

Happy Puppy

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The Importance of Regular Visits to the Vet

Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense, taking your dog for regular visits to the vet is very important. Here’s why.


Your dog is vulnerable to a number of nasty canine diseases, including distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, and kennel cough. By attending your veterinary surgery annually so that your dog can have his booster jabs, you will keep him protected from all these potentially fatal diseases.

Dog at the Vet

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5 Summer Tips for a Healthy and Happy Dog

Once the sun comes out everyone heads outside. However, it’s important to remember your furry friend has unique needs when the heat rises. As they can’t tell you when the heat gets too much, you need to be prepared. CK9 Training has five tips to keep your best friend healthy so you can enjoy the summer together safely!

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How To Go Hiking With Your Dog This Summer

During the summer we all want to get outdoors. Hiking is a perfect way to enjoy our beautiful countryside, and who better to enjoy it with than our furry friends? With good planning and preparation, you and your dog can enjoy hiking this summer. Check out CK9 Training’s advice below and you’ll be ready to go!



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The Importance of Body Language When Training Your Dog

Training your dog is important for their domestication and the joy of your relationship (and to prevent antisocial behaviours), and forming a rapport is the basis for trust and communication. Some people are sure their dogs can talk but obviously, they can’t give evidence in court; their communication comes through their body language and understanding how your canine companion speaks in this way, as well as how they understand your own body language, is fundamental to proper training.

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