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Why Your Dog Is Never Too Old for Training

Whether you’ve adopted an adult dog or simply never found the time to train your dog, it’s never too late to start their training. No dog is too old to learn; you need only adapt the intensity of the lessons to your dog’s stamina and age.

So, what benefits does training bring for you best friend?

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Tips for Keeping Your Dog in Good Shape

Mental and physical exercise is intrinsically linked to your dogs’ health and well-being. Maintaining consistent levels and durations of exercise is essential to help keep your dog in good shape. Take a look at the following six tips which will enable you to strike the right balance for you and your dog.

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Follow My Lead The Benefits of Lead Training Your Dog

At CK9 Training, we recognise that, along with boundless love and joy, our canine chums come with responsibility. Training for dogs, like boundaries for children, gives them structure and sets positive expectations for their behaviour. Lead training, in particular, helps you and your dog stay safe and happy when out and about. Here are some of the key benefits:

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Four Valuable Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy this Winter

The winter brings with it many hazards, the majority of which stem from dark nights and cold temperatures. These conditions don’t just affect us either. Sadly, they also affect our beloved dogs. This means dog owners should give some extra thought into how to keep their dogs healthy over the next few months. Here are a few valuable tips to make sure that they make it through the season as strong and as able-bodied as ever.

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The Benefits of Dog Training

Here at Ck9 Training, one of the most common questions we get asked is: Why should my dog be trained? Many people tend to equate dog training with learning a few commands such as sitting, rolling over or playing dead, and are left wondering what genuine benefits this has for their pet. Is it all worth it?

The truth is – yes, it most certainly is worth it. And for more reasons than you might realise.

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Dangers for Your Dog This Christmas

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year! Tables are usually filled with delicious food and desserts, and decorations litter the home. Did you know that many things you associate with the festive season can actually harm your pets? Make sure to keep an eye out for them – dogs are known to eat just about anything they see, and they rely on you to know what’s best for them.

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Spotlight On: Pugs

Here at CK9 Training, we adore all breeds of dog, whether big or small! We recently took a closer look at the German Shepherd – a dog which is considered as being one of Britain’s most loved.

This month we’re taking a closer look at the adorable pug – a breed that has become extremely popular over the last few years.

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The Best Activities For You and Your Dog During Autumn

It’s officially autumn; when the leaves start to fall, the weather gets chilly and night time arrives before you’ve even finished work. As a dog owner, you may be wondering on the best activities to keep you and dog occupied during this autumn.

Well, you’re in luck! Here are some fun activities for you and your dog to do over the forthcoming months.

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Spotlight on: The German Shepherd Breed

The German Shepherd dog is one of Britain’s most popular breeds, and with good reason. They have a long and noble history – from their creation by a German cavalry captain, Max von Stephanitz in the 1800s as herding dogs through to the first world war, when 48,000 were enlisted in the German Army.

Probably one of the most popular breeds of dog worldwide, they’re familiar to most of us not simply as pets but as a working breed used by the police and army, although the Kennel Club of Great Britain still classifies the German Shepherd as a pastoral breed.


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Keeping Your Dog Safe During Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time for long walks on crisp, sunny afternoons. But there are hazards around that make this a time for extra vigilance in keeping your dog safe and healthy.

Beautiful yorkshire terrier playing with a ball on a grass

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