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5 Summer Tips for a Healthy and Happy Dog

Once the sun comes out everyone heads outside. However, it’s important to remember your furry friend has unique needs when the heat rises. As they can’t tell you when the heat gets too much, you need to be prepared. CK9 Training has five tips to keep your best friend healthy so you can enjoy the summer together safely!

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How To Go Hiking With Your Dog This Summer

During the summer we all want to get outdoors. Hiking is a perfect way to enjoy our beautiful countryside, and who better to enjoy it with than our furry friends? With good planning and preparation, you and your dog can enjoy hiking this summer. Check out CK9 Training’s advice below and you’ll be ready to go!



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The Importance of Body Language When Training Your Dog

Training your dog is important for their domestication and the joy of your relationship (and to prevent antisocial behaviours), and forming a rapport is the basis for trust and communication. Some people are sure their dogs can talk but obviously, they can’t give evidence in court; their communication comes through their body language and understanding how your canine companion speaks in this way, as well as how they understand your own body language, is fundamental to proper training.

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Antisocial Behaviour – Why Does My Dog Do That?

Many adult dogs have issues when they meet other dogs. This can manifest itself as over-exuberant play, fear or aggression. If your dog is antisocial, walks can become stressful for both parties and finding a kennel or dog sitter can be very difficult.

The experts at CK9 Training can help you with all aspects of socialising your dog. In the meantime, here are a few tips to note.

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How to Socialise Your Dog with Other Dogs

A dog that can’t get along with other dogs is very difficult to live with, often reacting aggressively to other dogs they meet and being unsafe to allow off the lead for fear of them bolting or attacking. This is why dog socialisation is such an important step in responsible dog ownership.

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What Do Your Dogs’ Strange Habits Mean?

Here at CK9 Training, we’ve encountered all sorts of odd little behaviours in our clients’ dogs. These are just some of the stranger habits dogs can have which actually make sense when you look into them properly.

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Why Your Dog Is Never Too Old for Training

Whether you’ve adopted an adult dog or simply never found the time to train your dog, it’s never too late to start their training (and cut down any strange habits). No dog is too old to learn; you need only adapt the intensity of the lessons to your dog’s stamina and age.

So, what benefits does training bring for you best friend?

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Tips for Keeping Your Dog in Good Shape

Mental and physical exercise is intrinsically linked to your dogs’ health and well-being. Maintaining consistent levels and duration of exercise is essential to help keep your dog in good shape. Take a look at the following six tips which will enable you to strike the right balance for you and your dog.

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Follow My Lead The Benefits of Lead Training Your Dog

At CK9 Training, we recognise that, along with boundless love and joy, our canine chums come with responsibility. Training for dogs, like boundaries for children, gives them structure and sets positive expectations for their behaviour. Lead training, in particular, helps you and your dog stay safe and happy when out and about. Here are some of the key benefits:

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Four Valuable Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy this Winter

The winter brings with it many hazards, the majority of which stem from dark nights and cold temperatures. These conditions don’t just affect us either. Sadly, they also affect our beloved dogs. This means dog owners should give some extra thought into how to keep their dogs healthy over the next few months. Here are a few valuable tips to make sure that they make it through the season as strong and as able-bodied as ever.

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